Pro Test Diagnostics has entered a supply agreement for the BSG product HemoVoid
June 19, 2019

Supply agreement for HemoVoid

Biotech Support Group (BSG, Monmouth Junction, NJ) and Pro Test Diagnostics AB (Umeå, Sweden) jointly announce that they have entered a supply agreement for the BSG product HemoVoid™. BSG produces products for simple and efficient removal of hemoglobin from red cell lysates. Pro Test Diagnostics AB is a developer of rapid and accurate detection of blood doping through molecular fingerprints.

As part of the supply agreement for autologous blood doping tests, Pro Test Diagnostics AB will incorporate HemoVoid™ as a sample prep method to deplete Hemoglobin and to enrich the red cell cytosolic proteome. The Hemoglobin-depleted sub-proteome is then analyzed by liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for specific markers of autologous blood.

“Detection of blood doping in human samples requires extremely high signal-to-noise ratio. This can only be achieved by very precise measurement of relevant proteins, and removal of signal reducing hemoglobin, where HemoVoid™ will here play an important role. We have managed to develop an LC-MS/MS based method with high validity and reliability for detection of autologous blood doping” states Professor Christer Malm, CSO and co-founder of Pro Test Diagnostics AB.

In many endurance sports such as cycling and swimming, blood doping provides enhanced physical performance through the use of hormones like erythropoietin or blood transfusions. Yet there are currently no accepted methods to detect blood doping if the athlete uses his/her own blood (autologous blood doping). A robust test with high reliability is therefore necessary, because anti-doping regulatory tests must stay ahead of the never-ending challenge to reduce the incentives for cheating athletes, coaches and support staff.
“I am very pleased that this supply agreement validates that our hemoglobin separations technology works very robustly for analyzing targeted sub-proteomes using LC-MS. The ability to simultaneously deplete Hemoglobin which would normally mask many proteins from red cells, and enrich for the underlying sub-proteome is a unique feature of HemoVoid™.” states Swapan Roy, Ph.D., President and Founder of Biotech Support Group.

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About Biotech Support Group LLC
Converging with cultural and technological disruptions forthcoming in healthcare, Biotech Support Group develops methods for cost effective and efficient sample prep essential for these expanding markets. Following a tiered business strategy, the company continues its growth in the consumable research products area supporting the rapidly expanding installation of LC-MS instrument and computational infrastructure. For this market, key products include: AlbuVoid™ and AlbuSorb™ for albumin depletion, Cleanascite™ for lipid adsorption, HemogloBind™ and HemoVoid™ for hemoglobin removal, and NuGel™ for functional proteomics. From these innovations, the company has acquired knowledgebase and biomarker intellectual property assets that support discoveries of protein markers from blood, with special emphasis on early detection and personalized medical decisions for cancer patients. For more information, go to

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About Pro Test Diagnostics AB
As start-up company based in Umeå, Sweden, Pro Test Diagnostics AB has developed a test that can detect autologous blood doping using advanced protein screening techniques. By combining the physical separation capabilities of liquid chromatography with the mass analysis capabilities of mass spectrometry, validated biomarkers are rapidly and accurately detected and identified by accredited laboratories. As athletes use more advanced doping methods to avoid detection, governing bodies need to implement corresponding tests. Pro Test Diagnostics AB are determined to provide these technologies, now and in the future.

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