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Blood Doping

Blood doping

Taken together, cross country skiing, cycling, swimming and running represent a multi-billion dollar industry including sponsors, organizers and active athletes. In many endurance sports, blood doping provides enhanced physical performance through the use of hormones like erythropoeitin or “exercise pill” drugs or blood transfusion of one’s own blood.

The true extent of the cheating remains undocumented because there is currently no accepted method to detect blood doping if the athlete uses his/her own blood (autologous blood doping). A robust test with high reliability is in great demand because in recent years numerous athletes have confessed to the use of blood transfusion through complex schemes.

As the methods of doping is a never ending development by cheating athletes, coaches and support staff, the anti-doping regulatory must strive to be a step ahead.

Pro Test Diagnostics is currently leading the development of test for autologous blood doping.